• Administrator
  • 6/5/2023
- Sea bathing
Hoi An has world’s renowned beaches due to the white sands, crystal clear water and golden sunshine. Cua Dai Beach with stretching white sands, coconut trees range and crystal clear water. Unfortunately, Cua Dai was eroded by the sea waves in mid-October, 2014. It is still in restored period at present. However, Hoi An also has An Bang Beach, which is ranked in top 50 of the most beautiful beaches worldwide. An Bang beach suits those who want to find a free and quiet space. You can enjoy yourself at a beach with no parasols, tables and chairs, only you and sea waves, crystal clear water. Expose yourself to the bright sunshine, read a book, enjoy a glass of light wine, or drink some cold beer, etc. on the beach. That’s a very unique experience.
-Scuba diving seeing corals in Cu Lao Cham
Cu Lao Cham Island which is about 18 kilometers from the Old Town is one of the unmissable places when visiting Hoi an. Tourism service in the island hasn’t developed yet; however, thanks to it, Cu Lao Cham still keeps its primitive features. Coming to Cu Lao Cham, you can experience snorkeling tour to see coral reefs, have a campfire or stay at homestays, at the locals’ houses and enjoy cheap, fresh, healthy and tasty seafood.
- Going on a boat on the Hoai River at night
This is a very romantic thing to do apart from “dropping flower garlands”. If you feel tired of walking around, you can experience floating on the sparkling and colorful water of the Hoai river at night. Going boating, watching a corner of the Old Town at night, and dropping flower garlands are the favorite activities of many couples, especially those who come to Hoi An to take their wedding photo albums. However, if you’re still single, you can go along with your family, friends.